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Lyndsay Russell  

Fine Art/Art that echoes your surroundings

Artist's Statement

I’m creating pieces with natural elements or man made items I find in unexpected places, combined with ideas sparked by meaningful co-incidences.

Intrigued by the knowledge that three quarters of our universe comprises of unknown matter we cannot see or feel, I question what exists within these particles - the dark energy and matter that surround us.

Maybe there are magical realms with fairylike creatures that have haunted man’s mind for centuries. Perhaps parallel universes, or different dimensions hosting the eternal life of the soul.

How do I convey these possibilities?

The juxtaposition running alongside our own existence is echoed in my use of materials: Raw forest wood - twisted and gnarled, mixed with the delicacy of porcelain and bronze dripping. Surrealistic oil paintings of animals and beings on another plane, depicting how our world would look from their side. Spheres feature in most works, a symbol of another world - a portal to mystery elsewhere - or a gateway back into ours. 

Inspired by keys and locks found in flee markets and antique emporiums I combine them with magnifying crystal globes to entice the viewer to look through them and actually enter through the gateway. To feel the magic that might just be within our reach - unseen but known.