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Nick Charlton is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who during his lifetime has also passionately embraced the realms of art and photography.


Says Nick, "I recently crossed paths with the talented British artist, Lyndsay Russell, whose exceptional and distinctive artwork left an indelible impression on me. Motivated by my admiration for Lyndsay's creations, I have taken on the role of agent promoting and facilitating the sale of her pieces.


She has carved her niche through exhibitions with prestigious platforms such as Saatchi, the Kingston Museum, and the West Bund Art Centre in Shanghai (which is regarded as China's equivalent to the "Tate Modern"), and now I have curated a collection that extends beyond the limelight of exhibitions - I've asked Lyndsay to bring together numerous pieces which also includes pre-exhibition artworks, providing for the first time a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts, buyers, and investors to acquire some of her earlier artworks at accessible prices.”

For purchasing enquiries contact agent Nick Charlton
E: | M: +44 7711 094 843

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