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Due to requests, as a sideline, Lyndsay has produced a range of wedding/love/anniversary in water colours and ink. From small water colours, to a bouquet on a large canvas they make really unusual and thoughtful gifts, particularly for the first anniversary - 'Paper'. If you're interested in something, just email lyndsay to discuss your thoughts.

Or visit

PET & HOUSE Illustrator

 illustratiions about a person.

Below, 'Jackie' - a gorgeous, glamorous woman who loves champagne and designer shopping.

Impressions of local areas, real or surreal either soft watercolour, or watercolour and ink (Examples of styles):



It's always a good thing to encourage a love of art in the young, if you'd like something special for a child, please contact the artist to discuss - Her experience in illustration lends itself to something unique for their room.


Working with a top mural artist, Lyndsay can also create large paintings to cover an entire wall.

For examples of Lyndsay's style please go to ILLUSTRATIONS link at top left of page

The Tree Of Dreams... A beautiful mural for a chld's bedroom

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