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Lyndsay Russell  

Fine Art/Art that echoes your surroundings

The latest works were made in lockdown on my houseboat.  Using Thames river water to create marbling effect, I've added salt to represent the journey of the river, and silicone beads for the pollution gathered on the way.  The river is stunning, tinged with tragedy.

The Wave (2020) [inks, salt, silicone, river water] Painting printed on silk 150cmx130cm. London.

Marbling effect was created with the natural movement of my Thames houseboat.  

Fragmented (2020) [Acrylic inks River water, salt and silicone beads] 21x29cm.  London. . 

Tributaries (2020) [Inks, river water, silicon beads, salt]  21x29cm.  London.

The Seeds (2020)
[acrylic, ink & metallic spray on translucent film]. The Swan, London.


The Nascence Series depicts the curvature of space time and the mystery of dark matter.  Dimensions almost touching...

Nascence V. Refracted Vortex (2020) [acrylic & metallic spray on translucent film]. The Swan, London.

Nascence IV. G alpha beta (2020)
[acrylic spray & ink on papers]. The Swan, London.


Nascence I. (2020)
[acrylic spray & ink on paper]. The Swan, London.