GALLERY ONE GALLERY ONE FALLING SOFTLY Watercolours, indented leaves 50cm x 25cm Also available on canvas with three separated flowers underneath 27184380 POLKA-DOT CEZANNE - Sold A cheeky twist on Cezanne's style picking up polka dot material in room 27184381 BRUSH STROKES Watercolours 60 x 40cm 27184382 STORMY WEATHER View from balcony of Antigua Race Week 27184383 HALCYON HAZE ... a much softer style - (ideal for sea side houses, New England style homes)<BR> 27184384 THE SILVER JUG Watercolour and pencil 27184425 DUET Bright and bold box canvas 50cm x 40cm - Sold but can create similar 27184426 TEDDINGTON LOCK Ink and watercolours Sold but can create similar 27184427 HEART TO HEART Soft watercolour and ink 30cm x 40cm Sold but can create similar 27184429 RED ASTORS Firework flowers... 40cm x 35cm sold but can create similar 27184430