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Aqua Nebulae

Examples of the 44 in-situ images created in river water 

Created on the deck of Lyndsay's houseboat, using Thames river water, pigments, powders, inks, geodes, sunlight and LED's. The wind, waves and motion of the boat echoes the waves in our universe, to form mini galaxies and space formations.

The broken frame, unable to 'contain' space is washed with river water and pigments, then torched (Japanese technique San Sugi Ban), each corner a unique piece on it's own.

IMG_1232 2.JPG

"Aqua Nebulae" - Limited edition publication

A limited edition, containing 44 images created in-situ onboard the artist's boat, Solaris.

 These images are non-digitally manipulated. This photographic collection of micro universes are created using river water, pigments, geodes and spheres, aided by natural oscillations of wave and wind.



Individual images are available on silk, glass laminate and canvas.

Silk Prints

Example right: Aqua Nebula 1 printed on to silk.

Exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery and West Bund Art Centre.

Laminate Prints

Example right: Fluid Dynamics printed on to laminate and lit from behind.


Available for purchase.

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